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Monday, October 31, 2016

GM a.k.a ICI a.k.a CheeBUY a.k.a. Chee Run @ 03/11/2015

Rehash GM ICI Chee Virgin GM Run

Yours truly went on trail after the pack had left. Rightly so nowadays getting to run site from Ayer Keroh need at least a 45 min head-start. Hardly 100 meters into the trail no more paper. Called out and luckily Horlicks pointed out direction to head for. Not long after that I came across the main pack and subsequently the 1st check. This is where the 'fk up' as no one found the continual trail . Datuk Pramjit was saying that with this perfect weather and a waste to miss the entire trail. He and co short cutted back. Being the old cock of MH3 and with guests from other chapters, I took a 180* turn and met up with Cowboy and 4896. Still can't find the fooking paper and was joined by Ranger, Gary, Sudan and X GM Govin. Gave directions to run site from my GPS n the 2 Indians fearing search party may not find them took the easy way out even after Gary had called out 'On On'. The pack reduced to 5, yours truly, Ranger, Cowboy, Gary and 4896 tolled on as dusk sets in. Arrived back to run site at 7 plus and by that time all short cutters except for us were already drowning the beers n whisky (compliments fr PapaRich). Circle was called and GM took d box apologizing for the fk up as the cow herd who tends to his cows at that area had taken away some of the paper and left us in a cuntfuse state. 
Guests on ice were awarded with gifts (again courtesy of PapaRich). 
On On with 4 tables and for the 1st time there was a lucky draw. Prizes comprising of Oktoberfest beer mugs and beer openers were won by all. Lucky draw sponsored from our X member 'Kuan Yin Ma' aka Rena. 
GM paid for everything at the On On and yours truly took off by 11pm. 
Great do and with great hash fellowship . 

On On
Yours truly @ Au Kait